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Our event is an all ages event. Please note that strollers are very discouraged due to the limited space and while children are welcomed however younger (under 6) are not encouraged...


The Marry ME Wedding Night Market is mostly indoor and some outdoor. Our outdoor part of the event is completely covered with a tent and surrounded by booze trucks, food purveyors and the coolest interactive wedding vendors like glamping tents, beauty trucks, a bouncy house, weed bus and more!

weather/ indoor + outdoor

Our event is FREE to attend WITH a monetary donation of your choice on site, the day, to one of our 2 participating charities!


Our entire event is on one floor and is completely ADA accessible. Should you need any assistance what so ever, please visit the registration desk at the entrance.

ada access

Parking is street and lot parking and there are ample spaces.


YES! There will be items for sale, including food, alcohol, wedding decor, rentals and even a full blown wedding gown sale -presented by Charlotte's Weddings. Gowns are sizes 4-22 and some are up to 75% off retail! Buy your gown and leave with it in hand! (These are sample gowns, not consignment!) 

Will there be products to purchase?


No over-sized backpacks or travel suitcases. No cigarette smoking, vape pens, marijuana vape pens or weapons of any kind -this goes for all illegal substances. 

PLEASE NOne of these...

There will be two Fashion Parades, a little twist on the every day "fashion show". Each parade is different and showcasing the most popular wedding gown trends of 2020. First parade begins at 7:30pm and then the finale at 9pm. (Event ends at 10pm) 

When are the fashion shows

While attendance is FREE with monetary donation to one of our twp participating charities there are items and food/bev for sale. We do not require all exhibitors to accept plastic, so in this case CASH IS KING! There is no ATM on site, so come prepared for either or. 

cash or card